Leather workshop that came into being in 1982 after several years of inquiry and investigation in this skin material. In an autodidactical manner they came to learn new techniques and perfection the ones they already knew before.

Two people who work with the same material but in a different way:
– Maria generates volumes from the level of the skin, this through carving and modeling. She also makes templates to manufacture parts of volumes with sewings, performing the sewings both by hand and/or by machine.

– Mikel creates elements with which he then constructs his pieces. He deconstructs the skin, studying it in sketches and templates, to afterwards join the separate elements together in order to create sculptures of small and medium format. He makes engravings and crankpin and brush ink drawings.

Each one performs their own pieces and works, but often they also unite to perform joint works and build collaborative pieces, starting from their different ways of relating with the leather, each one of them providing their own perspective.

In these more than thirty years of experience, they have participated in multiple craft fairs and exhibitions, both solo and collective (the last one in the Hotel Dómine in Bilbao). They are currently working on upcoming projects.