Artekale 35

Artekale 35 was born from the merger of two  workshops. United since 1982, the year in which Maria Foronda Antiza and Mikel Mitxelena Markina (the leather workshop Abraxas) began to dedicate themselves to leather work in a professional manner; and also the year in which Ilia Mitxelena Foronda was born (the Platinela workshop for jewelry).

In 2012, after each workshop took its own route, sometimes together, and sometimes separately, we decided to join forces and operate with a single sales space and a clear workshop space, in which  work the two workshops.

All this in the heart of Bilbao, on a street, where artists and craftsmen originally worked, hence the name Artekale (street of art, and / or also street between two points: “entrecalle”). For honoring the past and present of this street, we call our local ARTEKALE 35